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Rancho de Sueños

La Tosquilla. La Zarza. 30529 Jumilla / Murcia. Spain.


Ron Auer: +31 6-53 35 60 30
Diana Auer: +31 6-43 13 02 40

Extra info:

In Spain there are two places called La Zarza … So make sure that you always add Murcia or Jumilla to searches.

Since there are almost no street names and house numbers in this area, you’ll find road signs placed alongside the road, starting from the town of La Zarza (2.2 km) and exit 13 of the A33 (14 km). For our exact location, it’s best to input your destination as coordinates. Most route planners support this (TomTom, Google Maps, Route Planner):

38°19’02.4″N 1°10’05.0″W